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Digital Media

Course Description


The Radio/Television Digital Media Program focuses on Video, Audio and Social Media presentation.  The goal of the program is to give each student an overall working knowledge of how to tell a story electronically. This is a hands-on class with multiple opportunities to film, direct and produce Sporting Events, Concerts and so much more live to YouTube.  Emphasis will be placed on career opportunities, production, programming, announcing, equipment operation, news and sports casting, broadcasting regulations and laws, technical, oral/written communications, and listening skills.  If you are interested in the exciting, ever-changing world of Digital Media, this class is for you. With this course, and the skills training provided you'll be one step closer to a career in Radio and TV Broadcasting.

Unitec Livestream of North Co
football vs Hillsboro 9/15/23

Unitec Livestream of North County football vs St. Clair 9/1/23

Unitec Livestream of North

County football vs Festus 9/29/23

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