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Check out the UniTec Education Foundation website to learn more about how you can help support Unitec Career Center! While your there, or directly below, you can check out the fundraising we are doing to construct a new 8,000 square foot annex building! The annex building will be used to accommodate the rapid growth of our Welding and Construction programs. If you have any questions don't hesitate to talk to one of our Board of Directors.

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Pictured left to right:

Oscar Carter- DESE Director & Skilled Technical Sciences, Chris Calvert- Building Trades Instructor at Linn County Area Tech and Career Center and

Robert Stacy- Construction Technology Instructor at UniTec Career Center. 

Mr. Stacy met with 150 attendees at the Governor’s Office Building in Jefferson City on September 24. Mr. Stacy is mentoring Mr. Calvert through his first and second year as a Career and Technical Educator.

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