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Culinary Arts


Course Description


Want to be part of an award winning program? This program of study is the basic principles of the food service industry. Food safety, sanitation, personal safety, food handling skills, knife skills, nutrition, customer service and cooking techniques highlight this program. Students learn what the nation's largest employer expects them to know and the wide range of opportunities available in the food service industry. Hands-on experience is an integral part of the program featuring working lab sessions on a large variety of kitchen equipment. Provides history and depth of knowledge of the industry and allows the student to understand the concept of proven and varied cooking techniques used worldwide. Students learn about food costing, menu planning and portability. Students meeting the qualification and with the recommendation of the instructor will have the opportunity to compete in culinary competitions on the state and national level.


Kylie Mercer, Former Student

Culinary taught me more than just how to cook, it taught me how to interact with others in the workplace to prepare me for a job. I’m grateful for all that UniTec taught me.


Tina Nees, Student

UniTec helps teach you to stay much more independent than you would at your sending school. They give you more responsibilities and are taught to manage those responsibilities.


Izzy Walker, Student

UniTec has helped me go forward with my life. It has helped me succeed and further my career. The skills training that UniTec provides is unbelievable.

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