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Electrical Technology


Course Description


The Electrical Technology class will provide personal safety as far as electrical safety and tool safety, so they would be able to work in the shop and on the job. This course will contain the knowledge to use power tools and hand tools correctly for safety, and the students will learn the necessary materials, and supplies needed for the job application that they will be working on. Students will learn how to interpret and apply designs and drawings to the electrical field. Instruction will include constructing, calculating, and installing residential circuits and applicable codes. This course will prepare students for entry level employment as an electrician and other related areas. Basic Residential and commercial are the two subjects taught, Residential includes house wiring, NEC code, and OHM’S Law calculations, and blueprint reading. Commercial includes learning calculations for bending all bends with electrical conduit, and learning how to install an electrical service and landing wires in a panel. With this course, and the skills training provided you'll be one step closer to a career in Electrical Technology.

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